Berthon Gauntlet information
classic ocean racing yachts


  Current owner:  
  Location:       Port Townsend, Washington
  Year built:     1936
  Build number:   494
  First owner:    W H R Iliffe
  Size:           17 tons
  Previous names: 

Boat location

Spotted in long term storage in Port Townsend, WA.

There is a fine pencil drawing of Syrinx under construction on the Berthon website - see the section 1932 - 1955.

Drawing by Robert E. Groves.

Peter Bailet sent me the following information:

[She] is sadly neglected in the back of the vessel storage yard with a woodpecker hole in her mast at the spreaders big enough for a football. Syrinx was found in the UK in the late 70's I think, by Steve Jones (Steve's Marine Woodworking, Sausalito CA USA), repaired by him (electrolytic floor damages), sailed across the Atlantic (force 11 gale Bay of Biscay), chartered 5 years in St Thomas, trucked to San Francisco area, sold, sold again and went to Port Townsend. That owner attempted deck repairs by ply overlay, got discouraged in the middle of the job, and she has been well propped up but uncovered on the hard for at least 8 years. The upper section of mast is so damaged by woodpeckers it may fall soon. She hasn't lost a bit of her shape, and I may remember this one not being pine plank, but teak, with very few butts, can't be sure.

And Ian S. Fox sent this:

My father Douglas Fox bought Syrinx from the Hon Richard Illife in 1947 and altered her rig from a cutter with short bowsprit to a sloop. He owned her until his death in 1964. During this time she was based in the river Blackwater the extent of her voyaging being between Stavanger in Norway and Santander in Spain. She took part in several RORC races including the North Sea race, Cowes Dinard race and Fastnet, but with only limited success. As a young man I was privileged to be able to take her accross to the Hook of Holland and through the Dutch canals on two occasions. The photo shows her rigged as a sloop.

He also supplied this magnificent photo:

Syrinx leaving Brightlingsea, circa 1958. Taken by F.J. Armes.