Berthon Gauntlet information
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  Current owner:  Noel L. Peck
  Location:       Parkstone Yacht Club, Poole, UK
  Year built:     1937
  Build number:   521
  First owner:    G S Burge
  Size:           18 tons
  Previous names: 

Boat location

Listed as "Shunttle" on the Berthon website, and not actually a Gauntlet!

The queries raised in regard to Shuttle have been drawn to my attention. The Berthon website does appear to be 'off-beam' as she has always been called Shuttle not Shunttle! Their site also appears to be incorrect as I understand her first owner was a Mr McDougal not Mr G S Burge as shown. My father and grandfather J Alastair Peck and Alan W Peck both Naval Architects and Shipbuilders bought her in 1960 from a Charles Owen-Morley the proprietor of Postans Paints of Birmingham. She was then lying in the North Yard at Port Hamble. They sold her in 1966 to Italy and incidentally father then bought Mitten (8 ton Gauntlet) and thereafter Guiding Light (12 ton Gauntlet) which I took over from him. In 1977 I repurchased Shuttle in Italy and brought her back to Poole where as is mentioned I initially slipped her at Cobbs Quay. Very fortuitously (having just been re-decked in Italy) she got hit by a lorry in the yard off her chocks but by the grace of God did not fall over. The upshot was that she was taken back to the Berthon where she had a massive refit and two years later was re-classed to 100A1. She is still in class and indeed passed her intermediate survey this year with no requirements. In fact she has never needed pumping in the last 34 years! She is not a Gauntlet. She has a 'sawn-off' counter not a canoe stern which is a prerequisite for a Gauntlet. She is not similar in lines or deck layout to Berthon boats of the period and my father's senior Naval Architect the late Alastair Muirhead (the Owner of the 17 ton McGruer Ketch 'Melmore') always maintained that she owes her lines to McGruer who was apparently associated with Berthon drawing office at the time of her build. We normally keep her in the 'Bag' at Salcombe but this year have brought her back to Poole and she is slipped at Parkstone Yacht Club. I am intrigued to see the references to Royal Charles as back in the sixties Shuttle used to lie alongside her in the mud-berths during the winter at Port Hamble. Royal Charles certainly did not have the porthole or doghouse at that time. Mr Monk had her in the Mediterranean for a time and I recall that he told me that she fell out of slings (I think in Genoa) when being lifted and fell a considerable distance into the water necessitating some refastening. Like Shuttle she was teak but she had copper sheathing over her oak stem and stern post to prevent worm and if you can see evidence of that on the boat that would identify her. In the sixties there were other Gauntlets in the river at the time, namely Maiden Light and Dr Turner's (Commodore of the Royal Southern Yacht Club) Morning Flight. I can't trace Eila Rose in our 1980 Lloyds although she appears on Berthon's build registry and wonder what the story is there? Noel L Peck