Berthon Gauntlet information
classic ocean racing yachts


  Current owner:  
  Location:       Reported in Balvicar, Scotland
  Year built:     1936
  Build number:   490
  First owner:    D D Capper
  Size:           24 tons
  Previous names: 

Boat location

James McIlraith told me about a large Gauntlet he had seen in Balvicar, W. coast of Scotland, whose rig had been converted to a ketch, and with a varnished teak hull. He didn't know the name of the boat.

I have now found a photograph of this boat at St. Kilda. Thanks to Colin Wilson for allowing me to use this photo. In the full resolution version of the image it is possible to make out her name - Maiden Light.

Maidenlight anchored at St Kilda

Maidenlight anchored at St. Kilda in June 2010. Photo: © Colin Wilson.