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Isla Rose

  Current owner:  Simon Cormack
  Location:       Loch Riddon, Scotland
  Year built:     1949
  Build number:   844
  First owner:    Stafford Bourne
  Size:           14 tons
  Previous names: Eila Rose

Boat location

Originally built for Stafford Bourne, Isla Rose has been in the same family ownership since 1967.


Stafford Bourne appears to have kept the name for another boat he had built in 1964:

"A 58' long twin screw yacht was launched from the shipyard of Messrs Jones this week. It has been built for Stafford Bourne Managing Director of Bourne and Hollingsworth an Oxford Street, London, store. The yacht, which was christened Eila Rose by the owner's wife, has accommodation for 8 person and is superbly fitted out . The new vessel will be powered by a 127 hp Gardner engine." (from