Berthon Gauntlet information
classic ocean racing yachts

Guiding Light

  Current owner:  Roy Boughton
  Location:       Beaumarais, currently on passage to New Zealand
  Year built:     1936
  Build number:   503
  First owner:    Earl of Normanton
  Size:           12 tons
  Previous names: 

Boat location

Guiding Light is currently in the Carribean. Owner Roy Boughton is keeping a blog of the voyage. There is also an interview with Roy in the March 2009 issue of the North West Venturers Yacht Club newsletter.

Neville Duke, airspeed world record holder

I downloaded a newsletter from the Berthon website, which had an obituary of Neville Duke. He owned a Gauntlet at some point, but the boat wasn't named. Thanks to Alex Houston for letting me know the Gauntlet was in fact Guiding Light.

Spotted by Mark Rayment in Wales, 2008.

British Classic Yacht Club Panerai Cowes Regatta 2010

Guiding Light and Tiger C feature in the regatta brochure, with some great pictures and information about the boats, as well as a history of the Berthon yard.