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  Current owner:  Philip Bird Lloyd
  Location:       Rhode Island, USA
  Year built:     1936
  Build number:   499
  First owner:    F J McLoughlin
  Size:           26 tons
  Previous names: Lady Emma Hamilton, Ame, Duncan

Boat location

The largest Gauntlet ever made!

Gael-na-Mara is based in Middletown, Newport County, Rhode Island, USA.

Previous ownership

Some information from Martin Dewhurst: "I knew the family of Captain A. V. Rix, DFM in 1968/69 when he was the owner of the vessel. He had a property in Greece and Gael-na-Mara was with him out there. Moored in Vouliagmeni, Attica, Greece.".

There was a query some years ago on uk.rec.sailing:

1.  Andrew Moore  	
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 More options Dec 16 1996, 9:00 am
I am trying to trace my grandfather's yacht Gael-na-Mara she is a 50ft 
double ender built in 1936 by the Berthon Boat Co Reg. No 165057 at that 
time she had fractional cutter rig. 
Her history as far as I can go is as follows: 
1936 built for F.J.G. McLoughlin and H.H.King - Southampton Reg 
1947 owned by Sir Alan G.Anderson - Southampton 
1950 owned by E.O.Liebert - Southampton 
1955 owned by O.J.Philipson - Southampton 
1960 owned by Earl of Onslow M.C. T.D. - Jersey Reg. 
1963 owned by J.Bottn-Sanchez de Sautuoca - Jersey 
1964 owned by Gregory Sailing Co.Ltd - Jersey 
     name changed to "Duncan" 
1968 owned by Captain A.V.Rix D.F.M - Jersey 
in 1969 this class of boat was withdrawn from the Jersey registry and 
they have no further record of her. 
I have heard that it is thought that she was sold to an American in May 
1985 and that in 1989 she was owned by  a Fernando Roca or Rocca and 
thought to be in Spanish waters. 
There the trail goes cold and I can find nothing further. 
I would dearly love to trace her whereabouts and hope that she is still 
Maybe someone out there can help. If so thanks in advance 
Andrew Moore 

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2.  Andrew Moore  	
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In article , Andrew Moore 

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I did not mention that her name was changed back to Gael-na-Mara when 
she was sold by the Gregory Sailing Co. to Captain Rix 
Andrew Moore